Albion Tales

Shorts. Writer/Director/Producer. A set of three dark, interlocking tales set in a mysterious contemporary London. Shooting Summer 2016.

Shadow Boxer

Short. Writer/Director/Producer. Finalist Soho House House Shorts Competition. IMDB / WATCH

Earth 101

SF Comedy. Writer/Producer. A low-grade civil servant is accidentally promoted to the highest levels of the global oligarchy that actually controls our world. SITE

The Deadfall

Short. Writer/Director. A bully finds himself in an unforgiving netherworld - and he's not alone. IMDB

Tras El Telon

"Behind The Curtain". Documentary. Producer. Editor. Behind the scenes at Madrid's Royal Opera House. IMDB

One For The Girls

Writer/Producer. Two women lock their mutual boyfriend in a cellar for cheating but discover his crimes are darker. From an original theatrical play.


Director. Musical performance for Catalan precussion group Kasammba shot in Girona, Spain. TRAILER

A Collection Of Remarkable Things

Commercial, music video, documentary, expermental and so on. Some of it over at COMPLEXITY.